art in a newspotlight.

Connecting Artists & Collectors through VIVENTS™.

ArtDeal and its VIVENT (The Virtual Event) is the next generation marketplace for upcoming artists, future collectors, galleries, auction houses, fairs and all art lovers.
We aim to close the gap between the magic of the physical and the efficiency of the digital, by creating a truly immersive, virtual, social, engaging and fun buying experience within a community.
ArtDeal is looking to rewire the art supply chain in order to democratize the appreciation of art: opening up closed doors for emerging artists and future collectors.
Experience the real deal and sign up for the app launch, it’s a world premiere!


Art gets a new stage:

Time is now.
Vernissage 14-18 Uhr
Bahnhofstrasse 50
Our Product
enter the world of VIVENTS™ and enjoy a new way to experience art digitally.

create VIVENTS™ or get inspired by them.

buy art from established artists and promising talents and luxury from outstanding top brands.

buy and
sell new
art & luxury.

mingle, laugh, ask questions and interact with your crowd or simply expand your art community. During the VIVENT you will always be able to talk with other people. Buying art is an experience and is more valued if shared.

open the
gates to
the artworld.

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