The Artdeal Team

Programmer, UX designer, artist out there - join us!

9 people working in a garage. Isn‘t this promising? ArtDeal is a Zurich born ArtTech and we are changing the way art and luxury is experienced and bought online.
In the meantime we have grown and live at Central, Zürich. We are always looking for talented people from the art and tech world.
The Core Team
Sarah Schlagenhauf
Adam Mann
Linus Inderbitzin
Carolin A . Geist
Joseph Melettukunnel
Ilija Gautschi
Jacco Püsmann
Advisory Board
Dr. Tobias Reichmuth
Claudia Bolliger-Winkler
Marc P. Bernegger
Stefan Gautschi
Art Advisory Board
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Sophie Neuendorf
Kamiar Maleki
Jonathan Levy
Nadine A. Ghaffar
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